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The Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Sports Complex (HSC) is located in the south side of the city, next to the heavy-traffic road the Dubai Bypass Road. At 24 hectares there are two buildings (two hectares) and the landscaping area (22 hectares). In the main building, which is the main area of events, it's possible to accommodate four Olympic Aquatic Sports in our three swimming pools, 11 dry sports and various social and cultural events, with the seating capacity of at least 15,000 spectators. In the second building (Services Building), there are the infrastructure for mechanics and the technical support.

To serve the needs of different events - spectators, media, services - etc, - there are eight parking areas for around 1600 cars.

The HSC is the largest sports Aquatic Sports Centre in the world. The aesthetics in and outside the venue connect the Arab culture with modern world.

Thus, the imposing presence of this would enable the citizens of the city of Dubai and people from all over world to watch the major sports non-sport events in comfort, safety and respect. And at the same time, they'll be able to enjoy many programs for public of all ages and classes.

In HSC you can keep fit in the modern facilities of the venue and enjoy its majesty.

  • The area of the Complex is 24 hectares:
    • 2 buildings, the main building and the services (Energy center).
  • 3 main entrances for cars and busses.
  • 1588 parking areas In 8 categories:
    • VVIPs, VIPs, Athletes, Media & Services, Bus & Taxi drop off, Police & Civil defense and Public
  • Royal seats for VVIPs.
  • Seating capacity 15,000 seats approximately.:
  • Media Centre (Press work area) with a large Press Conference room with all modern related equipments.
  • 2 restaurants for public.
  • 6 large Hospitality Areas.
  • 14 Executive Boxes.
  • 1 Main Security room.
  • Athlete helping areas.
  • 1 main Emergency Clinic (with all the necessary medical equipments) and 1 first aid room in each level.
  • 1 special room constructed for Doping control.
  • 3 Swimming pools in a row
    • The main pool (competition pool)-50m Olympic distance
    • Diving pool - 25m & 5m depth.
    • Training and Warm-up pool - 50m.
  • Capable of hosting 9 dry sports and a variety of non-sport events.
  • Offices for:
    • Complex staff.
    • International federations (depending on the event hosted).
    • Organizing committees (depending on the event hosted).
    • Services.
  • Wi Fi
  • 4G coverage and GSM for 20,000 people.
  • 10x5m scoreboard screen size allowing everyone to see the scoring and timing).

Solar Energy is used to power all external lights and in heating the pools.

Hamdan Bin Mohamed Sports Complex is a the region's fully-integrated, ultra-modern aquatic, track and field stadium. Covering 24 hectares and boasting a seating capacity for 15,000 spectators, the complex can host 13 different sports, ranging from basketball and tennis to boxing and martial arts, swimming, diving contests and water polo, among many others.

Spread over two buildings and with parking for 2,100 cars, the complex caters to Royalty, VVIPs, VIPs, athletes and the Press. The Media Centre alone can accommodate 200 media personnel and is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art media facilities. Separate offices are available for international federations, organising committees and WiFi for over 1,000 people. In terms of cellular access, over 20,000 people can enjoy 4G coverage and GSM.

Being an environmentally-conscious organisation, the Hamdan Bin Mohamed Sports Complex uses solar panels to power all external lights and the heat the main pool, diving pool and training and warm-up pool.


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Sun the Olympic swimming star at the Asian Championships in DubaiThe Chinese Olympic freestyle Yan Sun, who became the Olympic podium, graced the Olympic podium in London four times during the summer. Yan Sun is expected to participate in the ninth Asian Swimming Championships, which will take place at complex Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Sports from 15-25 November. The confirmation of Sun on his participation at the Asian Cup for the pool after the excellent performance of the London Olympics, which made him won gold medal-winning performances in the 400m and 1500m freestyle ,double gold in races of 400 m, and 1500 m freestyle, as well as Silver in  200-meter freestyle, and a bronze  in 4x200 m freestyle relay  alongside his Chinese teammates, and broke  world record time – as the 20-year-old sliced a massive three seconds off the time he set at the World Championships registered in his name in the World Swimming Championships 2011, after an impressive performance in the grueling race, which is held over 30 laps to win a total of four Olympic medals.   High level D said. Ahmed Sharif, Secretary General of Dubai Sports Council Chairman of the Organizing Committee had the following to say: "We are delighted to see young and promising Yang Sun in the ranks of the Chinese team participating in the Asian Championship ninth pool here in Dubai, which confirms the high level of fascinating talent that will be on display from November 15 -25, and in turn We urge the public to come to the compound in large numbers to be part of this major sporting event, and seize the opportunity to follow up on this Olympic champion closely.” Said Ahmed Al Falasi, President of the UAE swimming Federation said: “Yang Sun is one of the most promising exciting and leading swimmer in the world today, and we are looking forward to welcoming him in Dubai.   What is surprising and impressive Yan Sun has achieved this tremendous number of achievement at a very young age of only 20 years and we have no doubt his participation in these Championships will be a real inspiration to local swimmers and to those in the crowd watching,” he added.   Great performance London saw Yang become the first Chinese man to win Olympic swimming gold. And his thrilling performances in the pool saw him become the first man in 32 years to do the 400/1500m freestyle double. Only six men in history have achieved this feat. The Chinese star, who also claimed two gold, silver and a bronze medal at the 2011 World Championships in Shanghai, will compete in three events in Dubai – the 200m, 400m and 1500m freestyle. The tournament is held at the  Asian pool for the first time with a four system competitions in a single event, and under one roof across the UAE, and include: swimming (in ponds long 50 m), and synchronized swimming, water polo, and diving.   Tournament The Tournament  Kicks off  on Thursday November 15th , and will continue until Sunday, 25 of november, the  competitions  including swimming, synchronized swimming,  which will be held from 15-18th  November, followed by the water polo competitions from 19-25th  November, and a diving competition from 22-25th  November .   Also taking place during the Championships will be an international swimming coaches’ clinic and, for the first time ever, a water polo clinic for coaches and technical officials. Highly respected swimming coach, Ernie Maglischo, who has 35 years of active coaching experience at colleges and universities, will be conducting the swimming clinic from November 15-18 while former world and Olympic champion Igor Milanovic will be conducting the water polo clinic from 23 – 25 November.


Jay Benner: team prepares well for the challengeThe national pool team is now preparing to fight with competitors around Dubai for the coming swimming World Cup pool, which is to be held on October 2nd to 3rd in the compound of Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Sports in Dubai, with the participation of a constellation of swimmers and swimmers around the world, including Champions Olympian, world champions, and holders of world records, and it’s the first round of the eight rounds of the swimming World Cup.   From Dubai it will take place in the following cities Doha, Stockholm, Moscow, Berlin, Beijing, Tokyo, Singapore. Praised by Jay Benner, coach of Emirates National pool team, emphasized that the UAE team is prepared well to fight in this great challenge, and pointed out the regular follow-ups to this level of competition, is to entertain the audience of Dubai Sports, and it is also a source of motivation to the children of the region aspiring to achieve international achievements in the future.   He said, the presence of swimmers globally during their training, and their preparations is a valuable lesson for our team, and this gave him the opportunity to see their behaviors, as well as their commitments, and dedication to be the best. They know that the competition at this level makes it imperative for them to adopt to  the same approach, it's great to have events at this level  hosted regularly Ahoadhana, to strengthen our mission, and fight Spahina emerging with high-level of competitions, and enjoy swimming enthusiasts  and major international confrontations.   Star team Characterized national team Emirati mixture of age, experience, and international player Obaid Al Jasmi 31 years old is one of the best swimmers locally, one of the Al Ain Club featuring team in its ranks also representative of the London Olympics Mubarak humans, who lived atmosphere competitions of Olympics, and is keen to improve the performance of his new record numbers.   Mohammed Jessen, who gave Emirates, a new national set in men's 200-meter breaststroke, starring in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) recently hosted by Bahrain.   Participating swimmer Mohammad Ghafari part of his team, after becoming the first AED crowned by a bronze medal in the World Cup last year, in the 50-meter backstroke, and looks forward to repeat the achievement and improve the podium again this year.   Praise Coach praised Jay Benner declaration on the adoption of newly released school Olympics project, and emphasized that the international success in the long term requires an increasing number of swimmers in the national team.   He praised Benner at the compound of Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Sports and described Balraúa is a great base for the national team, He staying in the campus, training regularly, and assembling all members of the team from Dubai, Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, is beneficial, and contributes to building a strong team, and all the team members are excited to compete in the arms of their synagogue, and it’s with hope that the team has the support of and support Dubai audience.   Held the Swimming World Cup in a swimming pool with a length of 25 meters, in which men and women are to compete and win the money prize in 36 races, it will be held in two shifts, morning of roles primaries, and evening finalists, and stems opening ceremony at 5:30pm Tuesday afternoon. Tickets are available for the tournament at the gate complex of Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Sports Dubai   Aspiration Dr. Ahmed Saad Al Sharif, General Secretary of Dubai Sports Council Chairman of the Organizing Committee for the World Cup pool urged everyone to follow the UAE national team closely, through their participation in the World Cup pool Fina / Arena, and said, “We urge the public of UAE to come to the compound to support and encourage our national team”.    Opportunity Ahmed Al Falasi, Chairman of the Federation swimming said “there are many talent blooming in the UAE, front Spahina chance to reach the finals, and as we all know in the world of international competition, access to the finals means there is an opportunity available to harvest one of the medals, and we hope to see swimmers at Emirates podium again”.  


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